Specific focus on apologetics.

No other periodical summarizing available resources for busy Christian professionals and serious students deals exclusively with apologetics.

Quantity of material covered.

With access to over 600 periodicals and years of Internet exploration, Apologia Report draws on more source material than any other similar publication.

Interactive forum.

Apologia Report provides a free online discussion area with other specialists in the field of apologetics for problem solving on related issues over the Internet.

User-friendly source documentation.

Apologia Report always lists the easiest and fastest means of contacting publishers for each article it summarizes. Apologia Report consistently lists phone numbers and/or Internet addresses for each source credit it provides.

Diversity of topics covered.

Readers of Apologia Report can expect to be exposed to a wider range of apologetic issues, resources, and news than in any other Christian periodical.

Editor experience.

Apologia Report draws from more than two decades of Rich Poll's experience in managing and reporting on research resources for Christian apologetics.

Inclusion of online information.

Besides a focus on available literature, Apologia Report directs its subscribers to the best online resources in apologetics.

Who benefits from Apologia Report?

College campus ministry staff will find resources to help them understand the worldviews competing for the minds of the students with whom they work. Apologia Report provides current articles, research and general info on a wide variety of subjects related to the intersection of religion and culture.

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Christian educators influential at the graduate and undergraduate level will find the discovery of Apologia Report a delightful time-saving relief. These professionals have been increasingly overwhelmed by the growth of information sources in our generation. Information overload is much more pronounced for them due to the academic nature of their profession.

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Many small apologetics ministries exist with an emphasis on reaching adherents of non-Christian belief systems. Apologia Report will be invaluable to these often understaffed ministries that are faced with the daunting task of staying current on developments within their areas of specialization.

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Christian missionaries come up against objections to the gospel as part of their daily existence. Not only does Apologia Report help keep them aware of resources to aid them in their work, it also give them the experience of remaining plugged into the pulse of spiritual trends and movements that eventually visit their locale.

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Serious students of religious pluralism in general or Christian apologetics in particular will find Apologia Report a great tool for their study. The introduction to new sources and the experience of growing in familiarity with topics and existing resources will encourage and accelerate their learning process.

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Pastors with an emphasis on evangelism and discipleship will learn of hard-to-find resources for use with people whose lives or loved ones have been touched by unsound religious philosophies. Through Apologia Report these pastors will also learn of up-to-date media for use in the protection of their flock from the constantly changing winds of doctrine which blow through their churches year after year.

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