Steve HogelSteve Hogel, moderator of AR-talk, has worked with Apologia since 2002. His kind
spirit and skilled help are much appreciated. He joined AR-talk as a subscriber the year it was launched in 1997. Steve has been engaged in Christian apologetics for over fifteen years. He has taught in his local church and has spoken at several conferences on a variety of apologetic topics. Steve also works with Spiritwatch Ministries and was the Executive Director of Evangelical Ministries to New Religions (EMNR) from 2010-2012. He and his wife Kathy are blessed with four children.

Ask Your Spiritual Questions on AR-talk

A community of Christian apologists. AR-talk is a free-access, moderated Internet e-mail discussion of resources to find answers to your spiritual questions. If you have a question about something covered in Apologia Report or a related topic, the members of AR-talk can point you to helpful resources. You don't have to be a Christian to participate. If you are interested in finding and sharing information on religion and culture, AR-talk will become a useful tool for your personal spiritual development.

The primary purpose of the AR-talk's discussion list is to identify and share apologetics resources. AR-talk's value is in providing busy religion professionals with brief, accurate identification and/or description of those resources. Clarifying remarks may be made regarding the content, availability or affiliation of the material presented.

I depend on Apologia Report and AR-talk to keep me up to speed with current happenings in the field of "religion" world-wide. I could probably glean the same tidbits by sifting through mountains of otherwise irrelevant data myself — but who has the time or energy to do that? The AR-worker-bees save me untold time and energy by doing the grunt-work of collecting and sorting information, so that I can "surf" the data they provide and add the personal elements of analysis and interpretation. Without Apologia's help my ministry would be made a great deal more difficult and considerably less productive.

—brooks alexander

Much information on AR-talk serves to keep me current on events, new religious movements, various scholars and their work, and on happenings in my area of ministry — the New Age and the occult. I have also found that, thanks to AR-talk I often find out things ahead of news reports or when the general public hears about them. Using AR-talk I am able to post questions or ask for help for sources for inquiries I have received related to areas I know little about. In this way, I can get information to those who need it.

—marcia montenegro, cana, Christian Answers for the new age

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