A few days on AR-talk

These pages are designed to give you a sample of the kind of dialog that happens on AR-talk so that you can decide if you would like to join.

AR-talk Digest: 4 Jun 2004, Issue 1255

> Christian alternative medicine targeting kids
> Resource: Articles on Catholicism and Politics
> The Origin of Mind
> Greek and Greek lexicons

AR-talk Digest: 6 Jun 2004, Issue 1256

> The Mind
> Reference: Two articles by James Chancellor on The Family/COG
> Charismatics in Pasadena

AR-talk Digest: 7 Jun 2004, Issue 1257

> Catholic Origins
> The Nature of Saving Faith
>"Christian" Wicca

AR-talk Digest: 8 Jun 2004, Issue 1258

> Types of Logic
> "The Jesus Mysteries"
> The Book of Enoch